Death Ranch (2020)

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Death Ranch (2020)

by Flack » Tue May 04, 2021 7:10 am

Fasten your seatbelts for this one.

In Death Ranch, three African-American siblings (Angela, Brandon, and Clarence) are on the run from the fuzz. They take to the Tennessee countryside and find a barn to lay low in. Unfortunately to them, the barn is in the middle of a 100 acre camp owned by (get ready) a cannibalistic Ku Klux Klan cult. The cult is hungry for flesh and the siblings are hungry for blood! Man, that would have been a great tagline for this film.

What follows is approximately 74 minutes of violence, torture, blood, and death. Shortly after one of the Klan members (it was either Jeb, Cletus, or Rufus -- it's hard to keep track when they have their hoods on) rapes Angela, she gets her revenge by sinking an axe deep into his crotch and feeding him his own testicles as he bleeds out. You can leave the kids at home for this one. After defeating the first wave of horny/hungry racists, the big white boss shows up with reinforcements. By this point, the siblings have already gathered all the weapons left behind. Let's just say the negotiations will not be peaceful.

There is no real plot to this film. Viewers are forced to chose which group to root for -- three black escaped convicts on the run, or a group of raping, cannibal Klan members. The movie is a throwback to the 70s grindhouse Blaxploitation films, and has that "I was shot on video but made to look vintage with a plugin" look about it. If you are hoping for character arcs, plot development, or the other foundations of good film, Death Ranch is not for you. If you want to see someone bite someone else's eyeball out of their face and spit it out, Death Ranch is 100% for you.