Custom worldmaps larger than 256x256?

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Custom worldmaps larger than 256x256?

by rld » Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:12 am

Looking through the code, and I was wondering how many
people have successfully used (or tried to use) a custom
worldmap larger than 256x256 tiles with ACK. As detailed
in the manual, this means that certain 16x16 cells would
be repeated or undefined to fill in the map, since there can
only be 255 unique 'chunks' of 16x16 tiles.

The engine allows up to a 32x32 chunk map (meaning a
map of up to 512x512 tiles), but in lots of places in the
world map code, byte variables are used for X and Y
coordinates (and X and Y scratch variables), which makes me
wonder if there are bugs that crop up when you try to go
to the portions of a 'large' custom world map that are
beyond X=255 and/or Y=255.

So, has anyone used these super-size worldmaps in their
ACK games in development, or tried to? Did it work?