JC Denizens' Investment Advice??

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What short term investment should CO throw some coin at?

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Re: JC Denizens' Investment Advice??

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bryanb wrote: Mon Jun 28, 2021 9:42 pm Eric, do you think your Filipina employees basically resent you on some level because they see you as a rich American who exploits them even though you cut them a lot of slack and invest in extras for them like generators? Does that just inevitably come with the territory? I think I'd absolutely hate that feeling personally. It's honestly a big reason why I'd be reluctant to ever have employees no matter what country they were based in. I'd want to be the cool boss who is always looking out for everyone and who always has an open door and a ready ear, but my experiences in life tell me that there's always someone in every workplace who feels like they're being totally screwed over and that person tends to know exactly who to blame for their plight. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

Thanks for the update, by the way!
Good question, i imagine most feel used, probably worse than Americans feel used by our companies. I hope Sarah doesn't feel like that. I'll say this, things must not be too bad over there or they would work harder as I'm now offering pretty close to US rates to her. She just had another "emergency" that prevented her from logging in. Working on my website now, thinking the next contractor will be outsourced to Detroit.

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