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Squid Game

Post by pinback »

Finally finished it last night.

It's fine. I don't get the BIG HOOPLA, as Battle Royales have been done before -- and better, like in the movie that Battle Royales are named for. But it's fine. I called the "twist ending" about halfway through the second episode. The "VIP" scenes are the most unintentionally hilarious, terrible things I've seen on TV in years, but other than that, it's just fine.

Not great. But fine.
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Re: Squid Game

Post by Tdarcos »

As has been pointed out by various commentators, you cannot enter into a contract agreeing to be killed in a game if you lose, because, first, it would be conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit assisted suicide. And since the deaths occur during the commission of a felony, once any person involved dies, the "felony murder rule" applies. Everyone else involved - the contestants who are still alive, the producer, the camera operators, and anyone else - are all eligible for the death penalty. They are also death penalty eligible under "aggravating factors" because the murders are being committed for "pecuniary gain," i.e. for the prize money at the end.

Yeah, the government always has to stick its nose in to people's private business and stop people from having fun.
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Re: Squid Game

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Is that right, Paul? That's the law on Korea too, right? You have first hand knowledge of it, you're not just mindlessly blathering on repeat what internet morons think?
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Re: Squid Game

Post by Flack »

That's the worst thing about putting a bunch of children on an island, giving them lethal weapons, and letting them fight to the death. All the paperwork.
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