ITT, we count down to ICJ's WRX getting stolen

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When living in Rochester’s Corn Hill neighborhood, we had two pillowcase burglaries. Apparently we had the kind of front door latch that could be opened with a butter knife and a door that wouldn't accept a deadbolt. It took me two years of fighting that scumbag piece of shit slumlord Tricky to get the door reframed and replaced even after offering to share the cost and buying a door.

Another slumbag owner refused to let me pay to install an alarm after a similar pillowcase grab. I honestly hate the slumlords way more than I hate the criminals. Criminals usually pay for what they do to you, even if they get away with your laptop they might get tagged when they're buying their meth or get lost in the cold and die.

These slimy slumlords not only get to ream you for income, they get to lower their tax bill by letting their shit depriciate all while enjoying a landlord-tenant court which is completely stacked in their favor. Cities claim that tenants don't need lawyers for this special court but every landlord has his or is one himself. You can't even fight these fuckers with city laws or special code investigators, tried that too. I'd sooner have a beer with the last 5 guys who took my bike or little shit in my house before I'd spend time with any of the last 10 landlords I've had.

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