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Public Bases

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2020 10:11 pm
by Ice Cream Jonsey
I opened up the following bases to the public:

Adventurer's Guild
Orc's Head Tavern
The Pleasure Wharf
The King's Quarter's
Berthilda's Kitchen
Rudy & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I am going to change the name of "Berthilda's Kitchen" in a second because I hate that goddamn name.

I left the politics and Troll Room hidden from the public, people can register if they want to read what is going on there. The reason I opened 'em up is because Pinback has a ton of great movie reviews and recipes, I have a lot of good arcade info over the years, Flack has a good number of posts on many subjects, but especially the Thunder, and lots of other people have written lots of other good things, so why not let 'em be linked to and read and such?