NBA (2021-2022)

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NBA (2021-2022)

Post by Flack »

In 2020, the NBA finals took place in a safety "bubble." Most of last season was played in empty stadiums with artificial crowd sounds being piped in to fool home audiences. But as of this month, we're BACK, baby! It is time once again to start the thread enjoying by all* here at Jolt Country!

This year's sixth man is COVID, wearing #19. Sports journalists predicted the Brooklyn Nets were a shoo-in for the finals with their big three of Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving. Irving has been indefinitely benched until he gets vaccinated, and Harden is struggling between coming off of last year's injury and the league's rule change that kicking your legs out during a jump shot no longer constitutes a defensive foul when contact is made (a change that has dropped Harden's trips to the line by 80%). Durant remains a superstar, but he can't win a title alone (ask anyone in Oklahoma).

On the opposite coast are the Lakers, who, with their own big 3 of James, Westbrook, and Davis, seemed like favorites in the west until they stepped on the court. The Lakers are currently 2-3, with their most embarrassing loss to date coming this week by way of the then 0-4 (now 1-4) Oklahoma City Thunder. With James out with an ankle injury, Westbrook's expected triple-double and Davis' perimeter shooting gave the Lakers an early and large (25+ pt) lead, but again as Thunder players know, Westbrook is good at taking the lead but not hanging on to it (or the ball). Not even the Lakers' latest acquisition Carmelo Anthony could save the day. (Spoiler, Anthony has not saved the day in many, many years now.)

More so than in the past, success this year will come from players remaining healthy. We had a short season immediately followed by a regular season that caused a lot of injuries that a lot of players are just now starting to come back from. Expect to see a lot of wounded veterans sitting on the bench this year riding their way down the home stretch.

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Re: NBA (2021-2022)

Post by bryanb »

I haven't watched as many games as I'd have liked to so far, but I love the rule change Flack mentioned. It's so refreshing not to see endless free throws and offensive players being rewarded for clearly initiating contact with defenders. There was a time when I considered myself to be a James Harden fan, but I've really come to hate the player he has turned into. He'll have to change his game now; maybe he'll even end up being fun to watch again.

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