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In the yard, not too far from the car.

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Re: The GUARDIANS?!!?!

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It's a horrible name, hahah.
As for why "Guardians" was chosen: the Hope Memorial Bridge in Cleveland (right next to the stadium) have statues at each end of the bridge called the Guardians of Traffic. The winged G logo is inspired by the winged helmets and crowns on the Guardians.

I love that they have a "guardian of traffic" statue and the most famous unsolved murder near Cleveland is the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run who murdered homeless people on trains. That's like Nagasaki having a giant statue of Roy Shildt. I'll stick to a bad commute in traffic if it means my guts don't get strewn across Playhouse Square.
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Re: The GUARDIANS?!!?!

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The mascot will be wearing an orange safety belt and holding a traffic cone as a megaphone.

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