NFL related, kind of

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NFL related, kind of

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So my number 1 nephew, not the rocket scientist or the hockey player, is a hunting guide in Montana and Kansas. In the off season one of his millionaire clients hired him to help run his exclusive resort, as a boat captain mostly. My nephew drives the water ski boat for the guests. He also doubles as a bartender in the evenings. The other day I guess he was serving beers to some Walter Payton guy. I think he's a football player..I guess he tips generously.


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Re: NFL related, kind of

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AArdvark wrote: Mon Aug 16, 2021 6:16 amsome Walter Payton guy.
In the yard, not too far from the car.

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Re: NFL related, kind of

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"The Athletic," a website I subscribe to, is counting down the top 100 NFL players of all-time, or as I like to call these lists, the "Drew Brees Disrespect Columns." The stupid list that Bill Belichick had a couple years ago didn't include Drew Brees at all and Brees's ranking on the one for the Athletic is #43, which is hilariously low. O.J. Simpson is #41. I don't know how the guy who is #1 all-time in completions and yards and #2 in touchdowns thrown is behind O.J., but let's let that go for a moment. I wanted to paste a comment that some other subscriber, some dumb shit named "Zack M." wrote:
[...]but he was always at his best when he had a stable of good running backs and elite pass catchers. That's what it took for him to be above average. He never had a season where he really elevated everyone around him and made chicken salad from chicken sh**.
Aside from the fact that Brees won a Super Bowl (so he was "at his best"?) in 2009 and his wide receivers and running backs - Marques Colson, Lance Moore, Robert Meachem, Devery Henderson, Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas - never made a single Pro Bowl, this guy makes up the concept of "elevating" a team, which is stupid baby nonsense he made out of his head.

And he says Drew Brees never "elevated" a team.

In 2006, Drew Brees took over a New Orleans Saints team that had been ravaged by Hurricane Katrina the year before. They only played one home game in 2005, their stadium was destroyed, the owner was trying to move the team to San Antonio and nobody knew if there would even be a New Orleans city when the 2006 season started. Brees joined the team and took them to the NFC Championship Game, a game they had never been to before.

I would submit to all of you that it was the greatest example of "elevating" a franchise in the history of sports, but what do I know, I'm not some miserable covid-riddled shitbitch posting on The Athletic, I only post my replies here.
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