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The Bitkit JAMMA arcade board

Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2021 3:27 pm
by Ice Cream Jonsey
The BitKit has a website here: - CraftyMech is the dude making it.

I looked at my boards today because I am sending one to the Arkadia Retrocade. I - for some reason - have 2 BitKits.

I do not know why I have 2.
Supported games: Nibbler, Fantasy, Pioneer Balloon, Vanguard, Zarzon, Eyes, Mr. TNT, Eggor, Piranha, Titan, The Glob, Lizard Wizard, Pengo, Anteater, and Frogger, Super Cobra, Jump Bug, Scramble, Turtles, Amidar, Armored Car, and Tazz-Mania, Eeekk!, Triple Punch, The End, Crush Roller, Crazy Kong, Galaxian, UniWarS, and Moon Cresta.