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This is a discussion / support forum for the Hugo programming language by Kent Tessman. Hugo is a powerful programming language for making text games / interactive fiction with multimedia support.

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Hugo family tree

Post by Dannii »

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to develop another Javascript port of Hugo using Emscripten, but this time with a Glk interface.

In preparation for this I've put together a new repo on Github with all the various versions of the Hugo source I could find:

You might find this page useful to compare between the versions:

It's probably a good sign that there aren't really that many differences between the versions. Hugor has prefixed a lot of the file functions with "hugo_". Version 3.2 is actually even closer to 3.1.03 than hugo-unix.

For my work I think I'll probably build off the hugo-unix code.

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Post by Roody_Yogurt »

I imagine v3.2 has everything you'd find there (and more), but this directory might have some source not covered by the IF archive uploads: (although anything there is also pre-hugo-unix-fix).

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Post by Dannii »

I want to bump the version number of Hugo so that it's easier to track updates in Lectrote etc. Is there anything I need to be aware of - does the version number of "he" impact how games are played, or only the version number of "hc"?

I'm thinking of bumping it to 3.3.0 to indicate a clean start, skipping 3.2 because I haven't (yet, possibly ever) incorporated any of the 3.2 changes from Trac. But I'll only actually change the version number of "he" as I'm not editing "hc" or "hd" at all.

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Post by Tdarcos »

This may be already taken care of in the prior implementations but I'll mention it anyway.

The Hugo language as implemented by the compiler is a 16-bit environment. This should be something to be aware of in case some programs might generate numbers exceeding 16-bits unless the compiler already takes care of this.

I do not remember if Hugo supports floating-point numbers, if so then the probably current 64-bit IEEE floating point will have larger precision and bigger numbers than Hugo originally did.

The string handling is based upon DOS 8-bit ASCII, if JavaScript operates string handling in Unicode this may be something to be aware of if it might cause problems.
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Post by pinback »

Not a single word of that had anything to do with anything this thread was about, Paul.



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Post by Kent »

Roody brought this to my attention and I remembered my password so, you know, big day for me here.

I'd say bumping the version number makes sense. I mean, there are obviously some hiccups with the last (official) release, so any updated/refined version will almost certainly be preferable. The effect of bumping the version should be that version 3.3 will open 3.2 and earlier but 3.2 won't open 3.3, so if any changes are made to improve 3.3, they won’t cause problems when using an older engine.

So in fact it's the right thing to do, especially if there are likely to be any improvements/optimizations/whatever.

Know what I mean?

And yeah, the existing engine is totally 16-bit.

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Post by Dannii »

Good to hear from you Kent!

The biggest reason I want to bump the version number is because of the fractured state of development Hugo is currently in. I can't fix that myself of course, but at least it will be a little bit clearer. I'm not planning to change the gamefile format, but whenever that happens we can bump the version again.

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