New Trotting Krips site status

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New Trotting Krips site status

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STATUS: I forgot that where I have all my hosted domains is under the name, not the one. I think it would be better to have work. I ... don't know that we want caltrops involved here.

So the current status is for me to figure out how to get a second sub domain on
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Re: New Trotting Krips site status

Post by bryanb »

You know what this means, right? WE COULD RESURRECT DENCITY! AND TSX FOR THOSE SWEET REDIRECTS! After all, RFTK and Jolt Country aren't that seemed like JC users were congregating more at the Groucho forums back when we started the site. The downside to this plan is that we'd have to buy the Dencity domain from what I assume must be the S&M conglomerate that owns it now. Plus there's already a Dencity competition so we might run into trouble running our own IF competition somewhere down the line. OK, so maybe it's not the best idea.

As for site status, I'm pleased to announce that I'm now working on my third review. By "working" I mean I've got the review all planned out in my head but I haven't written a word of it yet. I was just trying to keep expectations low when I said my aim for the revived site was to write one review a month, but I think it might end up being literally true. At least I'm planning out my reviews before writing them now and also editing them prior to uploading. NEW FOR 2019!

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