Magnitude 7 Earthquake, Day II

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Magnitude 7 Earthquake, Day II

Post by RealNC »

This has been my life the last two days. I was in the middle of it: ... lapse-usgs

Some observatories say it was mag 7, some said it was 6.7. I say it was pure fucking terror regardless.

PS: I obviously live on the island of Samos. Almost right on top of the epicenter.

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Re: Magnitude 7 Earthquake, Day II

Post by bryanb »

I'm glad you're OK. I feel bad for the two teens who died on Samos. I guess hiding behind a wall during an earthquake isn't the best option. Izmir seems to have suffered the worst of all...60+ dead there.

It feels a little like the whole board has been under assault lately. Flack lost power, the ground literally shook underneath RealNC, and Paul got seduced away by a Pascal compiler. All in the same week, too! It seems that 2020 just isn't going to give us a break.

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