[Poll Building] What polls should we have?

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[Poll Building] What polls should we have?

Post by Tdarcos »

With Pinback's announcement that he's taking his bat and ball and going home, what sort of poll are you interested in seeing? What burning question do you have, but don't necessarily have answers for?
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Re: [Poll Building] What polls should we have?

Post by bryanb »

Off the top of my head:

Favorite 8-bit computer system.
Favorite ancient board game still played today.
Favorite Linux distro.
Favorite tool.
Favorite Tool band member.
Former Jolt Country member you'd most like to see return. (LG and Nessman count as active because they are!)
Most annoying enterprise software.

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Re: [Poll Building] What polls should we have?

Post by Ice Cream Jonsey »

These are good polls, I don't know that Tdarcos can implement a single one of them.
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Re: [Poll Building] What polls should we have?

Post by AArdvark »

I would like to see a poll about how much artificial intelligence there should be allowed to develop. From Electric Sheep level to current phone banking systems to Teddy Ruxpin levels. There should be a couple more, clever and amusing categories as well. I have doubts that this can be done under the current Poll Base Administration


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