Cyberganked progress - Summer 2020

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Re: Cyberganked progress - Summer 2020

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Ok, I know what the issue is in finishing the game. There are a ton of "little" things and a good number of "big" things left to do. And it became overwhelming so for much of this year I have done none of it. I also did two other IF projects in 2019 and 2020.

So I do want to finish this thing, but I am going to take this week and write down a plan to get the game completely playable. A lot of this is uninteresting drudge work, like for character classes and the like. But that's OK. I am going to write it down using the task board at And when I do I will have a list of tasks and when I finish them the game will be playable. I will be disciplined about not adding features to the game - if I come up with a great idea, cool: I can add it after all the other stuff that is *necessary* to be done gets done.

I don't know how I got into a 9 year IF project after spending 5 on CZK. This is not what I wanted, but I am closer to the finish than the start. And I think the bones of a good game are here.
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Re: Cyberganked progress - Summer 2020

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Release it to Steam as-is, call it "Early Access", then just sit back and let the cash come rolling in and forget about it.
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