The Ice Road (2021)

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The Ice Road (2021)

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Everything I know about ice truckin' I learned from the History Channel's Ice Road Truckers, and what I know is that there are truck drivers to drive across frozen lakes to deliver stuff.

The Ice Road begins with the collapse of a mine in northern Canada that traps a team of miners. The mine is full of methane gas, and the only thing that can get the miners out is a giant drill bit that's 30 hours away. A trucker named Goldenrod (Laurence Fishburne) quickly assembles a trio of big rigs to deliver three drills to the site ("it a matter of redundancy," Fishburne says). Team two consists of Tantoo (a young woman whose brother is trapped in the mine) and Varnay (an insurance adjuster working for the company), and behind the wheel in rig three is Mike (Liam Neeson) and his PTSD-suffering brother, Gurty.

Shortly after the three rigs begin their sub-zero voyage, a few of their potential fates are explained. If they go too slow, they'll fall through the ice and die. If they go too fast, the ice will buckle and they will die. If they run out of gas, their batteries go dead, they lose cell connection, the sun shines in the wrong direction... dead, dead, dead. And they don't even mention guys on snowmobiles shooting at them, which eventually happens.

When I saw Liam Neeson's name flash on screen during the opening credits I said, "this time, it's personal" in my best Liam Neeson voice. 45 minutes into the film when Liam said those exact words, I howled with delight. The Ice Road looked to be the most stereotypical movie about ice truckin' ever made, and finally, it was delivering! As things continue to go wrong for the crew it becomes obvious that somebody doesn't want them to succeed -- but who?

The Ice Road is Liam Neeson's Over the Top. It's a goofy movie with plot holes you can drive an 18 wheeler through, but who cares. For all the cliches included, you'll enjoy watching Liam Neeson fight scenes on the ice that look like Ralphie in A Christmas Story fighting with 20 layers of winter clothes on.

The Ice Road is currently playing on Netflix.

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Re: The Ice Road (2021)

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The Ice Road was fun, typical Liam Neeson action shit. This was way way better:

Liam Neeson killing people with a fucking snowplow and dumping bodies in the river wrapped in chicken wire. Brilliant idea, chicken wire. Scott Peterson should have thought of that.

Over the Top was about arm wrestling, the trucks were background.

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Re: The Ice Road (2021)

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I might have heard about this movie from Flack, but it's great and it sort of fits the theme of this thread:

the dark and gritty...Ice Cream Jonsey!

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