I Think You Should Leave

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I Think You Should Leave

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Tim Robinson was an SNL guy that I didn't remember but then I have just been watching clips on Youtube, so what do I know. Plus he was on like 10 years ago. So I don't remember him. I'm not going to be canceled over this, put your goddamn phone down.

I Think You Should Leave is a cross between Mr. Show and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Ben would hate this, there are lots of idiots screaming. In fact, Bob Odenkirk is in one sketch and there are extras from Always Sunny who have been on in the 5 episodes of this show that I have recognized so far. It would not surprise me if there were Eric Andre Show influences here as well, although Andre is such a lunatic who can tell.

The big takeaway from this for me is that Tim Robinson is hilarious. Where was this guy in SNL? Do they just hire people who are able to monologue and run a show and if they don't get a chance to do that on SNL, it's not the actor/performer's fault? (Luke Null is another one that got fired after a year and it would not surprise me if The Luke Null Show takes over the world in five years.)

Anyway, if you enjoy idiots and morons screaming nonsense at each other you will like this show.
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