Hall & Oates at the Ball Arena 9/1/2021

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Hall & Oates at the Ball Arena 9/1/2021

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They were fucking terrible, I got into a fight with my wife and now I have to leave at 5:30AM to get her car out of the lot it's in. At least I didn't risk catching COVID-19. If you're thinking of doing a closed-roof thing for the near future and you wear glasses, forget about it. Smash your testicles in a vice instead.
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Re: Hall & Oates at the Ball Arena 9/1/2021

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Hate that is how it went down!

I listened to a little bit of the show via YouTube and yeah man at one point I could not recognize what they were even playing until realizing it is a song I have heard the album version of 1000s of times.
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