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What did you use to record and edit your video?
Which of you is interested in my fine wares?

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Camstudio and WMM 6.0, which is not 2.0 as some sites say it is. Windows Live replaced 6.0 and even added 3D support. But most people's custom effects no longer worked with Live and later versions. Good news is that WMM 6.0 will work on 7 8 8.1 and 10. Either make a copy of the program's files or download the installer (which are 2, 32 and 64 bit) Free :) . ... 60-on.html
And thank you for the compliments. Ack is real fun.
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Shoot. I have one map to go out of 73 or 74. And I stopped production because I couldn't think of a design for it. And the game is nearly finished. Well. Not really. It needs populations. It has macro driven machines, like more then 20 castles. Space travel. A really fancy spell book. Just really good stuff I spent many many hours making. And I hit one snag and months just rolled by.
When you got a really good thing going the game building just marched on. But then I turn a corner and geez what happened to the time?
Hopefully I can get back into it soon.
But then the games are coming on and shoot!
Shoot shoot shoot!

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