Tads 3 vocabulary lists

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Tads 3 vocabulary lists

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Taking some effort, I've constructed a list of the standard verbs supported by the factory-installed TADS libraries.

There are 474 different verbs and combinations of verbs with various options, e.g. PLUG IN a or PLUG a IN goes to the PLUGIN action, but PLUG a INTO b goes to the PLUGINTO action.

I've created a set of PDFs and Open Office spreadsheets as well as a document listing them in various sorting orders.

You can pick up all of them from http://paul-robinson.us/adventure/tads3 ... -Vocab.zip (330K) or you can pick up individual files from the directory http://paul-robinson.us/adventure/tads3-vocab/ . You will need Open Office or Libre Office to read the non-PDFs.

Next step: see how many of these should be added to Hugo and/or Roodylib, either as new verbs or as additional "syntactic sugar" to existing verbs.
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