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This is a discussion / support forum for the Hugo programming language by Kent Tessman. Hugo is a powerful programming language for making text games / interactive fiction with multimedia support.

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Post by Ice Cream Jonsey »

I tried to write Gerynar, but he deleted without a reply my communications.

Roody sent me the backup he had. I will try to host it. It was an amazing resource on how to program in Hugo and now it is gone but we'll try to fix it.
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Re: Hugo By Example is offline

Post by bryanb »

That's a shame -- it was a good resource. I checked and it did save the homepage, but then it proceeded to do about the sorriest job I've ever seen in terms of saving actual articles. Damned Internet Archive. Only you could save a gallery page without saving any actual pictures or a forum index page without saving any actual posts.

Is Gerynar's first name possibly Baf? You have to admit that Baf Gerynar does roll off the tongue quite memorably, and the methods employed by the two so-called individuals seem quite similar.

You should definitely try to host as much of the site as you can. Do you remember way back when I suggested RFTK should have a code library showing how to do interesting things using various IF languages/development systems? I know for sure I envisioned us demonstrating how to make the most kickass text adventure door ever created -- to be fair, this is a section you'd probably have taken the lead on populating if we'd ever actually done it given your Inform, TADS, and Hugo programming experience. Anyway, Hugo By Example was something decently close to what I had in mind. Granted, I wouldn't have made it a wiki. I would've tried to make it funnier. And of course there would've been more AGT-related content. Still, pretty close.

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