Adventure: Ultima IV Part 2

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Weird! I don't think Readying triggered it, I think somehow one of those NPCs somehow triggered the macro you normally trigger when you pick up the ship in Britain. Either they did an attack that somehow involved a macro (not sure if that's possible) or their death macro (or your death macro?) was set wrong. Sounds more like a game data problem than an engine problem.

Trivia: ACK doesn't really think in terms of being "in combat". It knows if something on screen is mad at you, that's how it changes the music, but that doesn't necessarily mean fighting: When Shamino does his thing, I made him go hostile but he has no weapons. This means the music changes and he follows you around, but since he has nothing to hurt you with, it never becomes "combat".

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iv part 2

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This was an excellent game. Thank you so much. I laughed and laughed. Seeing minax castle again was awesome.
I never made it to planet x in the original so I finally got to see it.
One "bug?" that kept happening was in a dungeon, just entering a room, suddenly i was showing the blue tassel to the crew and found myself on a ship off britannia bay. Which at first was good because i always needed a ship. Yet When I was plenty strong, i couldn't keep getting those monsters. It happened in a room of 4 goblins, and a room of 2 daemons.
This happened in other rooms too, but when I returned, i just tried not moving or triggering anything, and it seemed to work. exceptin these two rooms.
I could go on and on about how wonderful this game was, but then i'd be spoilin it... ha! talking to a commodore. I kept typing in "dir" or "list" or "for t=1to100"
All I got was the systex error :)
Thank you very much

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Is the new Ultima game Bioware / EA are developing (Ultima Forever: The Quest of the Avatar) Ultima IV part 3? Have had a little bit of discussion in that area because they are basing their world map on Ultima IV, though its interesting they didn't call the game Ultima X or what not.

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The online ultima 4 is just that but a chance for people to do it together. Mainly just a way for EA to still make money off the ultima brand.


Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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I had a <<GREAT>> time playing! you have a great sense of humor and it was fun just being able to go back there and do similar kinds of things with a different story. Rocked my weekend :D


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I just finished playing this and it was enormously entertaining! The perfect length for a weekend of fun and I loved the gentle ribbing at the various gaps and retcons in Ultima history.

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