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Other creation kits

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I've been plodding through some various games lately and I noticed that electronic arts and a few other companies really started to toss in construction sets. There's a lot of various games but only ACS to ACK hits my brain as a near straight conversion with lots of extras.

Just to list some of the games or programs I've enjoyed with construction utilities:
Demon Stalkers: Raid on Doomfane

Mail Order Monsters (only creating your monster but I can't help but think this game was a step up from the archon games .... Wish it would have included the mobs from said games)

Boulder dash construction set

Music construction set (MCS)
Pinball construction set (PCS)
Racing Destruction Set
Shootem up construction kit (SUECK)
Ultimate wizard (a jump man like kit)

Perhaps there are others.

I always wished for various other sets from different companies. Wizards crown/eternal dagger, phantasie, marble madness (or was there a kit). Questron.

The rpg ones are simple using ack I guess.
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