My next project

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What will be my next ACK project.

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Admiral Ackguh
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My next project

Post by Admiral Ackguh »

I have already started on many ACK projects. I need some help in deciding which one to pursue next.

1) Zomo II: Underworld, a sequel to Revenge of the Zomos

This is self-explanatory. It will take place mostly in the Zomo underworld itself, and have many more strange new beings, both humanoid and otherwise.

2) T-Man

The famous multi-player fantasy board game, modified to be more adventure-like and suitable for solitaire play. Can you enter the world of myth and magic, find the Crown of Creation, and become the new king or queen? LINK

3) Doctor Who: Cosmos in Chaos

You are the Doctor, mystery traveller, last survivor of the Time Lords. You travel through time and space with your TARDIS, to involve yourself in exciting adventures. Save the Universe in the far future from war between the Earth-allied Federation, and the multi-galactic empire of the fearsome Dominators! LINK

4) Bobulous: The Quest for Slack

Many years ago I made a very rough (and incomplete) ACK game with the same graphics as Populous. I added to it material from the Church of the Sub-Genius for punny comic effect. I could update and finish this game.
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Re: My next project

Post by Tdarcos »

Admiral Ackguh wrote:I have already started on many ACK projects. I need some help in deciding which one to pursue next.
Since I either have never played the games you created before or have no understanding of what you're intending to do with each of these, I can't really offer you advice on these specific games but I would like to offer you some based on my own experiences doing programming professionally for what now, has been about 37 years.

Let me offer you the same advice that I think I gave either Jonsey, or someone else here - or possibly on Caltrops - who asked the same thing before.

First, given the constraints you have, do you want to work on a game because of the technical challenges it will provide to you, i.e. will it stretch you as a game developer, or do you want to work on the game because of the fun you will have either doing it, or playing it, or both?

Either pick a game for the fun of the technical challenge or for the fun of the game. Since you're almost certainly unlikely to make money off it, your purposes in developing the game should be to learn something, to stretch your skills and discover your capabilities, to have fun, or two or more of these.

When you're stuck in a cubical day after day, grinding out code, or worse, trying to solve a problem that is taking days and weeks and you're still not getting it, at least you have the consolation that at the end of next week you get a nice check to pay for the aggravation. But, when you do solve it, it can feel so good!

So, either for the fun of exploration, or for the fun of being able to play something, or both, but don't do something unless its really worthwhile, your single, precious and irreplaceable lifespan is too valuable to settle for that.

One wit once said, "Life is like a shit sandwich, and today is another bite." Don't let this be that way. Learn something, have some fun, or both. Otherwise, go out into the world and try to do that instead.
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Post by JoeB. »

Dr Who!!!

Admiral Ackguh
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Post by Admiral Ackguh »

Thank you for your replies, everyone.

I have decided to make Bobulous my next project. Of the four that I mentioned, this one is the simplest. I can get it out of the way quickly before working on something more difficult, such as Doctor Who.
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Post by ishtenos »

That would be a good way to do it. You get another game out sooner, your to-do list gets shorter, and still can proceed towards the next project. ::thumbs up::
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